Jasper Tygner

Hailing from North London, 25 year old Jasper Tygner is a producer, composer and multi instrumentalist. As a young producer steadily honing in on his own sound, Jasper creates kaleidoscopic arrangements of rave-inspired, melody-driven tracks bursting with melancholic detail and somber nuances. Whether manipulating breakbeats or constructing layers of ambient soundscapes, Jasper’s arrangements convey elevated dance floor euphoria.

Shaped by early raving experiences growing up in London’s electronic underground scene, Jasper cites legendary institution Plastic People, along with a deep reverence for Jungle, dubstep and garage as key formative influences. “Ever since I was small I have always loved Garage, I was only listening to the B side of Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood and it was the ED Case Remix.

His love of Burial and The Gorillaz, along with discovery of early Skream and Benga releases are just a few pivotal moments leading him down a labyrinth of underground electronic music experimentation and eventually production.“I remember hearing James Blake ‘Wilhelm Scream’ for the first time. It really changed my view of electronic music. Beforehand it had all been dance based music but this really opened my ears up to something else and really made me want to produce my own music”.

An avid selector, Jasper learnt to mix on turntables at university and navigating his way round CDJ’s in a club setting became second nature. Inheriting a keen love for vinyl culture, he adds rare garage cuts and jazz 12”’s to his collection regularly. The first record he bought was Mosca’s ‘Bax/Done me wrong’… A legendary purchase made by pure chance which opened his eyes to a world of melodic two-step paradise.

An insatiable and lifelong passion for music has fueled Jasper’s already extensive and colourful career as a jazz and classical performer which began with him learning to play the drums at just 4 years old. Jasper went on to study drums under Paul Clarvis, who has worked with the likes of Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder.

Other experiences include a coveted three-month stint in LA working with film composer Stephen Endelman, an experience which lends undeniable depth to Tygner’s productions and can be heard through the spacing and emotional range of his tracks, comparable to cinematic film scoring.

Growing up performing in Jazz and classical orchestras lends an undeniably lifelike character to Tygner’s sound; melodic elements intertwine effortlessly alongside unfaltering drum work and heavy-hearted chordal structures – Jasper wields a seemingly unmatched ear for emotion-inducing compositions.

Juggling his uni studies in Electronic Music, Tygner began collaborative work writing with electronic soul singer Carmody, playing several headline shows and a very special showcase at Somerset House in the band, eventually leading to an international tour with established UK songwriter Tom Misch. “It was amazing playing with Carmody, hearing music I had written and produced live with people singing along was such a surreal and awesome experience”

Endless time spent in his home studio during lockdown compelled Jasper to start a series of Instagram live videos which quickly received viral attention on the social media platform. His ‘Bedroom Rave’ series built from the ground-up offers viewers an unedited first-hand look into his fluid and eloquent workflow. Jasper’s on-the-fly performance versatility translates perfectly across his array of drum machines and analog synthesizers.

His instagram series has very recently captured the attention of dance music heavyweights including BICEP and DJ Seinfeld, and Jasper’s productions have been supported by Jaguar and Jamz Supernova along with extensive airtime on BBC Introducing and Represent.

With his first singed release debuting on leftfield electronic label Needwant in May 2021 and a bank of new material under his belt ready to share with his ever-growing fanbase, Jasper Tygner is taking solid leaps with his solo project and firmly placed as one of this year’s most promising ones to watch.