KlangKuenstler is a Berlin-based DJ & Producer whose debut album, ‘That’s Me’, after over a year in the making is set for release on Sunday Best .

Michael Korb, more commonly known as KlangKuenstler, has been crafting his uniquely warm, melodic productions for years – first receiving attention with his tracks such as ‘Freudentraene’ which marked a huge milestone in his fledging career with over 2 millions plays on Youtube to date. Having only recently moved from a small German village to the German hub of electronic music – Berlin – 23-year old Michael began to become one with the artists and musical environment that surrounded him. Then followed releases on labels such as ‘Great Stuff’ and ‘Still Vor Talent’ which saw KlangKuenstler further hone his inimitable style. His single ‘Barfuss Auf Wolken’ (which translates as ‘Barefoot on the Clouds’) aptly transcends terrestrial emotions to lift the listener to the lofty heights to which the track’s title refers and serves as a perfect taster for what’s to come on the LP.

Then the time came for KlangKuenstler to finally lay down his musical personality into a full debut album: ‘That’s Me’. The full player album is above all an experience: one that encapsulates the harmonious emotions which encircled KlangKuenstler when making the album:

“The melody always comes first – it’s the most important thing. Then the bass.” – Klangkuenstler on making his debut album.

This is an album which, when played out in clubs, transforms the dance floor into an otherworldly dimension. But to the same extent it is also perfect for private listening – listen through headphones and discover new melodies and emotions in the textures of KlangKuenstler’s music.

When performing live, KlangKuenstler is a sight to behold. Though he can be found performing DJ sets, Michael prefers to build his soundscapes live: using sequencers & instruments, he treats the audience to a new and special experience at every show. A particular favourite at summer festivals and open air shows.


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