Sportsday Megaphone

“More uplifting than the sun rising over a colony of sherbet-flavoured piñatas. One thing’s for sure, he’s certainly got our attention.” – Dazed & Confused

“A bedsit Morrissey who discovered Garageband en route to the local poetry meet.” – NME

“Indie laptop-pop at its very best.  We’re hearing this one-man-band loud and clear.” – Mixmag

“This dinky, lovely bedroom pop, is indie at its very best” – The Guardian

“Shattering the peace with a flick of his laptop, Sportsday Megaphone unleashes a one man electro blizzard on the gathered masses.” – Clash

“The best gig of the weekend by a country mile.” – Drowned In Sound at Great Escape

SPORTSDAY MEGAPHONE (aka Hugh Frost) began life as an art project. At University in Brighton Hugh created a series of album artworks for imaginary bands, ‘Sportsday’ would prove to be the moniker that stuck. Married to a blend of scrappy bedroom studio pop, Sonic Youth guitar and a liking for a deep electro house groove, Hugh’s CV now ranges from remixes of Malcolm Middleton, Envelopes and Operator Please, to video direction for Friendly Fires and The Maccabees, and even a stint as a graphic designer for American Apparel in Los Angeles.

Debut album SO MANY COLOURS / SO LITTLE TIME is a spirited debut, bursting forth in 3-minute volleys of electro-pop and synth-punk, as Sportsday Megaphone takes on young romance, Scientology, the light spectrum, and all manner of youthful self esteem issues.