Nuphonic, Butter Recordings, Music For Freaks and Hooj have all put their money where their mouth is while DJs keen to feel their twelve inches include Tiefschwarz, Peter Kruder, Norman Jay, Idjut Boys, Soma, Patrick Forge, Ashley Beedle, Sean P and Dimitri from Paris … ladies and gents, meet Subway and the knob twiddlers behind it, Alan James and Michael Kirkman… Over to you boys…  ‘We are two people who have no desire whatsoever to crave attention or publicity from any aspect of doing music. We have a joint age of over 60. We have been listening to dance music for far too long. Alan used to play bass guitar very shittly in heavy metal bands in his teenage garage. I used to live up north and go raving with my bob. Alan used to go to squat parties like spiral tribe etc. No bob. I used to go to squat parties as well, when I moved to London. I’m from a town called Ramsbottom. Alan is Danish but was born in Belgium. Alan is not as much of a computer boffin as people claim, he also likes death metal music. A lot. We both love music from Detroit like Carl Craig, Derrick May, Juan Atkins etc. We love Mauritzio. People used to try to make music that sounded new, now people try to make music sound like other peoples music on the whole. Saying that though it’s incredibly difficult to be truly original in this day and age. We have been making music for about 4 years in Alan’s spare bedroom, on a basic set up cos we’re skint.’  Illusion is blissed-out liquid funk.  Hooky, subtle breaks contrast with deep live bass and Bukem like chimes, making room for some warm & soulful vocals propelling the track into true smokers territory.  Two Tone on the other hand, shows off Subway’s truly diverse nature, collating old school acid sounds together with a warbling b-line, to create a Detroit-y, minimal techno record with lush strings and tweeking synths.

With the Subway debut album being lined up for a 2004 release on Sunday Best Recordings (It’s 90% finished and contains many different approaches and tempos, however all in the same ‘Subway’ vein) and another twelve inch, Testingcomplete with a mix from Dexter in the bag, this Subway’s looking pretty busy…