The Cuban Brothers

The Cuban Brothers are unique. Born of the loins of seventies Havana, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes and inspired by Cuban historical fact and mythology – their fresh approach to live entertainment whips up a frenzy at every gig they do, whether it be Glastonbury or Bestival, or the Gumball Rally, or even their gigs for Robbie Williams, Elton John or Richard Branson. Their legendary performances evolve with every show and combine music, riotous comedy, both physical and observational, and sensational dancing – consequently the energy at every show is incredible.

The Cuban Brothers are:
Miguel Mantovani aka Mike Keat: The Cuban legend/ Impresario has found fame and dirty fortune by exploiting himself and others in the seedy world of entertainment and pornography. He has indulged in dark mobster indiscretions, political and sexual controversy and has a myriad of bad boy tales to tell. He has also been one of Cuba’s most notorious performers and club owners. His dark and mysterious past provides much of the anecdotal references that gel the show together and link in the key characters.

Archerio Mantovani aka Archie Easton: Archerio is Miguel’s protégé and graduate of the Havana School of Performing Arts – a talented and inspired side kick who’s elevation from Cuban street performer to star has further secured Miguel’s international acclaim and notoriety.  Under his Uncle’s genuine but slightly misguided direction Archerio has become an understated and brilliant star – his innocence and naivety provides a quality that contrasts well with Miguel’s uber – confidence. Their relationship is loving and competitive providing testosterone charged, exhilarating physical performance and slick slapstick banter.

Clemente Mantovani aka Russ H: Clemente is the Uncle/ Brother of Miguel, allegedly the campest man in Havana. Clemente has joined the troupe providing the eclectic sound and seamless flow of tunes and karate kicks that keeps the party vibe alive.

Together the guys have taken The Cuban Brothers to phenomenal heights and they are constantly developing new characters and taking on new family members including Uncle Tim (aka Tim Hutton famed for being man of many instruments for Ian Brown, Groove Armada etc) and boy wonder UK Breakdance Champion (2004 ‘Battle of Britain) Kengo who plays Kengo San – Miguel’s Cuban/ Japanese love child.