London-based Julian Peck is a somewhat arcane artist who has worked under a number of various pseudonyms on collaborations, remixes and re-edits. And in essence, Tythe is the fully formed pseudonym of Peck; a reincarnation of the amalgamated parts of his previously lived musical experiences. Finished with honing his sound in the relative serenity of his home studio, and test driving it via intoxicating DJ sets at London parties and summer festivals, he finally offers up a debut LP to be released through Sunday Best Recordings nationally in early 2013.

The LP, titled ‘And Also With You’, is a self-confessed labour of love written, recorded, re-recorded and produced over a number of different periods through Peck’s lifetime. It can be described as a snap shot odyssey through Tythe’s own musical exploration, with each track conjuring up vivid images and atmospheres from his own lived or imagined experiences.

The album conveys his obvious obsession with the unequivocal beauty of nature in its rawest form, whether it be wildlife waking up to a blissful sunrise, rugged scenery or enchanted landscapes. But it also delves into aspects of his inner city lifestyle and the more dramatic and euphoric moments he has experienced whilst living in London.

The disparate genres he enjoys sees Tythe taking a dive into the unknown while reaching back to the past for inspiration from 80s fantasy soundtracks, Krautrock, old hip hop records and Dance music through the ages. His assiduous attention to detail in layers of sounds, beats and production, and the use of a number of different vocalists, well known and new, keeps his music fresh and exciting with every listen.

Tythe will take you back to those darkest nights and ethereal dawns of your most treasured memories. Your dancing alter ego.




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