1st September 2016

Dream Magic Television & L.A. Salami Presents — I Wear This Because Life Is War!

L.A. Salami shares his video for ‘I Wear This Because Life Is War!’ – single no.2 from debut album ‘Dancing With Bad Grammar’. Typical of L.A, it’s brimming with ideas, angst, energy, oddball characters, ferocious live performance & a permeating & poignant weirdness. Watch below.

Part of a Double A-side, ‘I Wear This Because Life Is War!’ is teamed with ‘Day To Day’ – both encapsulating Salami’s unique songwriting talents, contrasting the defiance & exuberance of ‘I Wear This Because Life Is War’ with the folk-tinged tenderness of ‘Day To Day’; both united by the poignancy and sharpness of his lyrics.

You can stream/download the single here, and find the album over here.