25th March 2024

Kitty Liv Announces Debut LP ‘Easy Tiger’

Following the January release of Kitty Liv’s ‘The Sun and The Rain’ single, today Sunday Best announce details of Kitty’s album, Easy Tiger.

Better known as one third of the successful and acclaimed family band, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Kitty has been developing her ideas over several years, working on songs which mark a completely different direction for her. As a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Kitty is resonating with a more expansive set of her influences, from Erykah Badu and D’Angelo to Al Green and blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, to produce a body of personal songs that evoke the primal depths of Soul, Gospel blues & Rock and Roll.

The resulting album, ‘Easy Tiger, is unleashed July 26. Consisting of 10 tracks, it was written, re-written and recorded over a five-year period and, by no coincidence, coincided with the beginning, middle and difficult end of the biggest long-term relationship of her adult life.


Co-produced with her older brother and analogue guru, Lewis Durham and recorded with her band live to tape, the album features a diverse selection of songs that often break away from the usual modern pop music conventions.

A unique and powerful output from a young female songwriter who is continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary pop music with her otherworldly blues, ‘Easy Tiger’ is a document of love, loss and a musical handbook on how to keep your head up high.