2nd February 2017


Laucan has unveils the video for “Up Tomorrow” on Nowness; a playful exploration of texture and scale which documents the varied landscape of the UK from a birds eye view. Directed by Laucan, Oliver Jennings, James Heaphy, and shot by drone, the clip contrasts intricate cityscapes with wild natural landscapes, which Laucan describes as “a combination of realism and psychedelia.”

Click here to watch it!

Laucan “I think that the images have the effect of removing you somewhat from your body and changing your perception of your environment, and somehow that feeling of floating outside of yourself resonates in the song.”

Oliver Jennings continues, “As we explored more and more with the drone we discovered even the countryside is etched with intricate man made pattern, whether it be from pathways, farming etc. We also played around with scale, shooting close to the ground and up high.”

James Heaphy said, “Both Olly and I wanted to create most of the visuals in camera rather than in post-production, and the drone seemed the most logical and also exciting way to do this. The whole process was extremely experimental, and a thoroughly liberating project to work on as a filmmaker. In fact I think some of the most interesting shots in the video were of things we came across by chance, which created a really surreal look to piece, and is what makes it unique.”