17th December 2013

Listen to a haunting remix of ‘The Big Dream’ from Venetian Snares.

The last of our brand new David Lynch remixes is available to hear now! This final remix is an interpretation of the title track of David Lynch‘s sophomore album, ‘The Big Dream’, from Aaron Funk more formally known as Venetian Snares.

In the hands of Venetian Snares, ‘The Big Dream’ is transformed into a track worthy of a lost sci-fi soundtrack from the sixties. Known for producing music in slightly strange and discombobulated time signatures, Venetian Snares successfully makes ‘The Big Dream’ all the more haunting. Lynch‘s distorted vocals combined with Aaron Funk’s production echo around the listener in a cacaphony of sound. Listen below:

This haunting Venetian Snares remix along with previously announced remixes from Bastille, Hot Since 82 and Bjorn Yttling are part of the glorious Deluxe edition of ‘The Big Dream’, the digital version of which became available to buy on December 16th. Alternatively, you can pre-order a stylish and very limited edition Super Deluxe boxset which will be released on January 27th 2014.

The Deluxe digital download includes: the full CD album, and a second CD of exclusive remixes (detailed above) and three bonus tracks, ‘I’m Waiting Here’ with Lykke Li and previously unreleased ‘Bad The John Boy’ and ‘And Light Shines’.

The Super Deluxe boxset includes: the full CD album, the second CD of exclusive remixes and bonus tracks, a third CD of instrumental versions of ‘The Big Dream’, a 7″ heavy vinyl with ‘Bad The John Boy’ on the A side and the Bastille remix of ‘Are You Sure’ on the B side, a fold out poster, a 7″ booklet of lyrics and original photography by Lynch himself, an individually numbered and embossed keyring, all packaged in a rigid 7″ box with lift off lid featuring exclusive artwork.

Buy the Deluxe digital ‘The Big Dream’ or pre-order the Super Deluxe ‘The Big Dream’ boxset on davidlynch.com HERE.