10th June 2014

Lucky Elephant return with New Album

Lucky Elephant have announced their return with their second album “The Rainy Kingdom”. The album explores the ups and downs of modern city life; warm on the surface, but carrying and dark tale of gentrification and lost traditions.

After making their “fun, playful, lo-fi, higgledy-piggledy” first album completely DIY, this time around they enlisted the help of a producer, Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart, The Bees etc). A fresh pair of ears proved extremely useful. “Paul actually helped us strip away some of the mad noises and teach us that less is more, and show which the important part of the song is. It’s like that cliché: a good book doesn’t tell you everything.”

The first release from the album “British Working Man” is accompanied by a stop-motion animation video of modern London and the often repetitive routine of office life. The video beautifully captures the nostalgic and unsettling mood of the album

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