12th May 2017

Mary Epworth Releases ‘Me Swimming” – INTERVIEW MAGAZINE


“Today marks Mary Epworth’s return. Nearly five years following the release of the English musician’s debut album Dream Life, she announces her sophomore record Elytral—due out September 1 via Sunday Best Recordings—with its entrancing first single, “Me Swimming.” Premiering below, it’s an experimental, electronic track grounded by a steady beat. While it arose from Epworth simply writing around a hook she liked, it became a song that embodies “escape,” which for Epworth, always comes back to the sea.

“It did swallow up a really early memory of mine, of first swimming without armbands in a motel pool when I was very small,” explains Epworth of the writing process. “I’ve never forgotten the excitement of that moment.” Lyrically Epworth invites the listener into that recollection (“Look / It’s me swimming”) but leaves space for other’s memories to come forth by remaining sparse and poetic. She also explores another vast blue territory: the sky (“Got to keep my head in the clouds / What to do?”).”…

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