6th October 2016

Some sad news — Solar Bears announce split with free farewell track via THUMP

Very sad to announce Solar Bears‘ split. Rian & John are incredible craftsman, with a wealth of fascinating & broad influences — from the vaults of alternative electronic music, to vintage sci-fi soundtracks, through to the chamber blues of Serge Gainsborough. It was a pleasure releasing ‘Advancement’ – the duos third album.

We’d also like to shout out to Michael Robinson — who produced all the artwork for the campaign, creating a clear & refined aesthetic that’s as striking as the music.

As a send of — the duo are giving away a free track via THUMP. It’s called ‘Across Yesteryear’ and you can download it here.

The duo’s latest album ‘Advancement’ is available on;

SpotifyApple MusicItunes | LP | CD

Much love to the band, and thanks to everyone whose supported them x

Solar Bears Website Featured Image