2nd April 2012

Watch the exclusive premiere of David Lynch’s new video for his song ‘Crazy Clown Time’

David Lynch‘s new self-directed video for ‘Crazy Clown Time’ has food, fire, a bit of nudity and plenty of weirdness. It’s everything you could want in a David Lynch video…

David Lynch debuts his self-directed video for ‘Crazy Clown Time’, the title track from his first-ever solo album, exclusively on the Noisey Youtube channel. Mr. Lynch describes the setting for the video as “an intense psychotic backyard craziness, fueled by beer”.

Last year David Lynch unveiled his debut LP ‘Crazy Clown Time, his first fully-fledged foray into music, to widespread critical acclaim. Recorded over a period of several months at his own studio near Mulholland Drive with engineer Dean Hurley, it was a majestic, yet powerfully idiosyncratic vision of “modern blues” that could only have germinated from the unique mind of Lynch himself, accompanied with lush, dark, off-kilter imagery.