A Drink & A Quick Decision

Grand National

Released: 3 March 2008

album: SBESTCD21

Description & tracklisting

2005’s Kicking The National Habit’ introduced Grand National to the world in a hale of post-punk plaudits. Since then the band have filled their time by touring the UK, Europe and America and releasing a compendium of B-Sides and rarities, before de-camping to France to start work on their second album proper; fuelling their creative juices with some fine red wine on the banks of the Seine.  ‘A Drink & A Quick Decision’ is the outcome, and cements the band’s place in the form guide as odds on favourites to provide the soundtrack to early 2008.

Wistful melancholia, iridescent guitar riffs and bittersweet symphonies provide the backdrop for singer Lawrence ‘La’ Rudd’s ethereal vocals, on an album that once again rewards repeated listens.  Making the kind of pop music that any discerning music lover would be happy to see dominate the charts this spring, there are numerous influences that go into a Grand National record.  From indie to electro to post-punk-pop, the duo’s ability to twin solid songwriting sensibilities with tight electronic productions has resulted in debut LP ‘Kicking The National Habit’ being heralded a national treasure.

CD & Download

1. Reason To Hide In

2. Weird Ideas At Work

3. Animal Sounds

4. New Space To Throw

5. Cut By The Brakes

6. Tongue

7. Going To Switch The Lights On

8. By The Time I Get Home There Won't Be Much Of A Place For Me

9. Joker And Clown

10.Close Approximation

11.Pieces Pieces

12.Pack All The Things You Need

13.Part Of A Corner

14. Rotobahn - iTunes Only

15. Old Man (live) - iTunes Only


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