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“Dub Pistols albums have long been a riotous collision of breakbeat riddims, dubwise sensibility and a hearty-party attitude, but the addition of junglist producer King Yoof to work on their eighth album, ‘Addict’, has elevated the production up another level. It’s quite possibly the multi-racial collective’s strongest LP yet.” – 9/10 DJ Magazine

 “This is one of the biggest records of the year…’Addict’ is a defiant riposte to the misery of these dark times.  You won’t be able to get enough!” – Electronic Sound

“Drum & bass, hip-hop, ska, dub and punk combine in these uplifting tracks. Dub Pistols formed in 1996 but show no signs of slowing down. My album of the year.” – 8/10 Vive Le Rock

“ An album that has landed at the right time and in the right place – assuming the Covid-lockdown comes to an end before too long. It’s a celebration of the good times that itches to be heard in a room full of party people that are all looking for fun. And that must pretty much describe all of us by now, after such a long estrangement from humid dancefloors packed with like-minded folk who are out to enjoy themselves and make merry.”  **** The Arts Desk

Today, Dub Pistols celebrate the release of their new album “Addict”  through acclaimed label, Sunday Best Recordings.  ‘Addict​’ is the eighth studio album from the highly respected group.  The critically acclaimed release is a melting pot of dubwise sensibility, junglist riddims and feelgood party anthems and is being hailed as one of the year’s essential releases.

“I recorded over 3 albums worth of music to get to the finished version of ‘Addict’,” says Dub Pistols mastermind Barry Ashworth.  “Every time I finished a song, I would come up with another idea for a track and an artist I wanted to work with. It’s been incredible to collaborate with all the legends that I have on this record, but it’s also the new emerging talent such as Natty Campbell and Gardna that have really given me new enthusiasm.  The album has taken two years to record but has been 25 years in the making.”

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 Dub Pistols previously released their incredible single “Stand Together” back in June which features 2 Tone heroine, Rhoda Dakar who fronted all-female band, The Bodysnatchers, recorded with The Specials, Madness and most recently toured with The Selecter on their 40 years of 2Tone Tour as a DJ and Special guest.  In these unprecedented times,  Dub Pistols and Rhoda hope the message rings loud and clear.

“ ‘Stand Together’ was written about how far we’ve come, but how much further we still have to go when it comes to the fight against racism.  We used footage from civil rights movements as the basis of the video and now to watch what is going on in America and how racism is still so seismic in our society is devastating.  We need to stand together, learn from history, and move forward –  united.” – Barry Ashworth

“If you reflect the world you see in your lyrics, events will always catch up to you. Sometimes that happens sooner than you expect. #StandTogether” – Rhoda Dakar

1. Addict (Feat. Cheshire Cat)
2. Dark Days Dark Times (Feat. Mc Navigator & Seanie T)
3. Go Tell Your Friends (Feat. Horseman)
4. Stand Together (Feat. Rhoda Dakar)
5. Chalice (Feat. General Jah Mikey)
6. Wicked & Wild (Feat. Natty Campbell)
7. Cool Out (Feat. Lindy Layton & Seanie T)
8. Two Generals (Feat. Ragga Twins)
9.  Sound Sweet (Feat. Natty Campbell)
10.  Camberwell Carrot (Feat. Natty Campbell)
11.  Soundboy (Feat. Cheshire Cat)


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