Animal Sounds

Grand National

Released: 25 February 2008

single: SBESTS55

Description & tracklisting

Ahead of the album comes first single ‘Animal Sounds’, a pulsating pop voyage driven by a potent guitar riff and steered towards a soaring chorus by Lawrence LA Rudd’s ghostly falsetto and ethereal vocals.  The Fear Of Theydon Mix ups the synthesiser quotient, adding a eighties drum kick to create a dreamy 3am anthem, punctuated with nagging beeps and bleeps.  The remix’s warped 4×4 groove has already nudged it’s way into the record boxes of the more discerning tastemakers, re-acquanting them with the GN sound, and introducing the new kid on the remix block.

7" Single & Download

A. Animal Sounds

B. Animal Sounds - Fear of Theydon remix


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