Arlo EP

Kincaid & Sinál

Released: 15 November 2019

silver bear:

Description & tracklisting

Our electronic dance imprint, Silver Bear Recordings, serve up a new EP that features five fantastic collaborative and solo tracks from Kincaid and Sinal, a pair that have built a solid reputation off the back of their various releases on Aeon, Of Unsound Mind, Futureboogie and Disco Halal. The duo explain: ‘the EP has been the culmination of almost 2 years of bouncing ideas back and forth with a desire to create something that’s a total departure from what we both make individually’.

Kincaid’s opener ‘Love of an Automaton’, is a downtempo track driven by arpeggiated modular tones, atmospheric pads and delicate drum patterns. Second up is ‘Scholar’s Stutter’, a minimal house effort with jazzy snare rolls and syncopated vocoder stabs. Next is ‘Sitting Birds’, a pulsating journey through hazy pads and whistful vocal motifs, set on a foundation of steady kicks and delaying bass grooves. Sinal’s deeply personal ‘Sonia’ was written in memory of his grandmother, who sadly passed away this year. The track uses filtered kick drums and serene synth swells to slowly build before breaking into a galloping broken beat rhythm. Collaborative ender ‘Arlo’ is a melancholic house number, with woozy synths layered upon rising baselines and strung-out, detuned percussive elements.

The Arlo EP is a collection of understated, emotionally motivated tracks both geared to headphone listening or intimate moments in the club.

1. Love Of An Automaton

2. Scholar's Stutter

3. Sitting Birds

4. Song For Sonia

5. Arlo

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