Careless Woman (Remixes)


Released: 19 May 2013

single: SBEST119D

Description & tracklisting

With a balearic groove and the euphoric lifts of the finest dance music tradition, Careless Woman’ is the debut single from production protégé TYTHE.

This is music that evokes every sunlit morning-after and every future frolic in a field, an emotive brand of lo-fi house brewed in TYTHE’s home studio in darkest Epping Forest. The ghostly remixes of fellow Essex native Lapalux and the emotive tones of Throwing Snow provide the remixes.

With remixes for David Lynch and Crystal Fighters, TYTHE has been filtering through the internet ether since early 2012. Dropping his first original track ‘Let the Dance End’ on the back of his DJ set at last year’s Bestival and following it up with the timeless Balearic groove of album taster track ‘Totem Poles’ – a John Kennedy ‘Hot One’ on XFM earlier this year – TYTHE laid down his trademark blend of the organic and electric.

A long time spent as a studio hand, TYTHE feels at home residing behind a moniker, as unassuming musician with time and tide on his side. On his debut album ‘& Also With You’, he has produced an inclusive, heartfelt record. In a genre – indeed a world – that often heads straight for the jugular rather than be caught out in the open, this is the most unguarded  record of the year.

You can catch TYTHE dj-ing at the Bloomsbury Lanes or at Rich Mix London on December 20th.

Careless Woman

Let the Dance End

Careless Woman (Lapalux Remix)

Careless Woman (Throwing Snow Remix)

Careless Woman (12Trees Remix)


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