Cherry Tree

Grand National

Released: 2 August 2004

single: SBESTS/C15

Description & tracklisting

‘In the cool carnival of Cherry Tree they are deceptively complex, yet alive with the giddy freedom of summer’

‘A devilishly catchy take on new wave and their deep seated love of pop hooks’MOJO 
‘Fantastic… taking in the spirit of post-punk and filtering it through dance music to come up with refreshingly original pop songs’  – The Guardian

Step forward Grand National – Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence ‘La’ Rudd, two young men who have come to rescue us from karaoke pabulum and prefab retro garage rock. To add a little fresh lustre to our lives with their thrillingly strange yet simply compelling melodies.

Their second single Cherry Tree is an ode to one-night-stands with a huge pop chorus, a guitar sound that recalls early-’80s The Edge and a lyric that goes, “Baptise my fries and capsize into everything/I stole your berries…” if you’re confused, let Rupert explain;  “It’s a surreal way of saying, ‘Let’s get nuts deep’.” It is also a beautiful, rousing summer anthem to fall in love with and to.

Two brand new tracks also grace the single, Rabbit Facts and Lay Me Down. The former is a delicate foil to the raucous opener – a more ‘traditional’ love song flecked with the band’s trademark melodies and underlying melancholia. Lay Me Down Meanwhile has an almost folky, downtempo feel and sounds quite unlike anything that they have done before.

1. Cherry Tree

2. Rabbit Facts

3. Lay Me Down


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