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Dub Pistols have released their new single, “Cool Out Son”, yet another cracking track from their highly anticipated new album “Addict” set for release on September 11th 2020.

“After the turbulence over the last few months, it’s time to take a step back, cool out and reflect on how to move forward as one,” Dub Pistols mastermind Barry Ashworth says about the track.

The single features Seanie T and the unmistakable vocals of Lindy Layton (Beats International) who has been a long time friend and contributor to Dub Pistols both live and on record.

“I recorded over 3 albums worth of music to get to the finished version of ‘Addict’.” says Dub Pistols mastermind Barry Ashworth.  “Every time I finished a song, I would come up with another idea for a track and an artist I wanted to work with. It’s been incredible to collaborate with all the legends that I have on this record, but it’s also the new emerging talent such as Natty Campbell and Gardna that have really given me new enthusiasm.  The album has taken two years to record but has been 25 years in the making.”  

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