Dancing With Bad Grammar (the directors cut)

L.A. Salami

Released: 26 August 2016


Description & tracklisting

“L.A. Salami manages to create urban folk music for the 21st century on his album Dancing with Bad Grammar.” Quip Magazine

“A modern day Banjo Paterson, L.A. Salami has the answers to questions I never knew I needed answering until now.” STACK

We are delighted to announce L.A. Salami’s stunning debut album Dancing with Bad Grammar.

This DIY troubadour touches both heart and mind with his brilliantly wrought lyrics and boldly titled songs, stuffed full of defiance and exuberance. Definitely one for the future.

01 - Going Mad As the Street Bins

02 - & Bird

03 - No Hallelujahs Now

04 - Anything's Greener Than Burnt Grass

05 - I Wear This Because Life Is War!

06 - The City Nowadays

07 - Papa Stokely (skit)

08 - I Cant Slow Her Down

09 - Loosely on My Mind

10 - Why Dont You Help Me?

11 - Day To Day (for 6 days a weeks)

12 - Def(a)ormation Days

13 - Aristotle Ponders The Sound

14 - My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire


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