Fashion Parade feat. Noddy Holder

Misty's Big Adventure

Released: 13 November 2006

single: SBESTS40

Description & tracklisting

So where do we start with Misty’s? Well, we could tell you they’ve been likened to the musical equivalent of the Mighty Boosh. Or that John Peel described lead vocalist Grandmaster Gareth, who once wrote a track entitled ‘Dr Dre Buys A Pint Of Milk’, as ‘the new God’. We could subtly drop into conversation that their infectious live show has been described as ‘the Muppets mixed with The Beatles’ and that The Zutons, The Guillemots and The Magic Numbers all personally invited the band to support them on tour. But we’re far too classy for namedropping… so we certainly wouldn’t be so daft as to quote BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens who said “Fashion Parade is a big, smiling beast of a single. Other copycat bands take note: Misty’s know what you’re up to. They are witty, have killer tunes & a dancing beast called Erotic Volvo. What more dyou need?!”

With a musical style they like to describe as ‘grumpy fun’ and a talent for whipping up feel-good pop hooks, lovingly fried in eccentric indie batter, Misty’s Big Adventure are more than worthy of the praise that has been heaped upon them. Featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Noddy Holder, their latest single ‘Fashion Parade’ sounds llike the perfect modern pop song, but is in fact a visceral attack on an incredibly bland time in music.  Like a bleep and melody laden Trojan horse, designed to subvert and undermine as soon as it gets inside.

Also featured on the single package are ‘Crumpled Up Guy’, a touching acoustic tale of grave-robbing beasts and paedophile priests, while ‘The Kids Are Radioactive’ is a happy-go lucky song of rampaging youths, a new phone mast and a Prime Minster eaten by his own offspring, which has become a MySpace classic already, receiving 1000 downloads in its first day. The download version of the single will also feature an alternative version of ‘Fashion Parade’ featuring BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine.

Hailing from Birmingham, the eight piece are made up of brothers and sisters and twins and saxophones and trumpets. Their debut album ‘The Solar Hifi System’ was released in September 2003 on SL Records and produced with the assistance of Richard March (Bentley Rhythm Ace) and Matthew Eaton (Pram). The album came at the end of a year-long tour in which Misty’s developed an ever-growing and loyal fanbase across the UK. Follow up album ‘The Black Hole’ came out in September 2005 and saw them smothered with love from press and peers alike.

“The UK’s prime contenders to join the ranks of Arcade Fire, Anthony and the Johnsons and Architecture in Helsinki.” The Independent

“Can this be the future of British rock?” Telegraph

The band have already recorded several sessions for BBC Radio, including ones for Rob Da Bank, Tom Robinson, Phil Jupitus, and Stuart Maconie and for John Kennedy at Xfm, where their previous two singles were playlisted. In March 2003 front man Grandmaster Gareth released ‘An Introduction to Minute Melodies’ on Awkward Records, a compilation of 30 minute-long songs and tunes. The late, great John Peel was a big fan and went on to play 17 of the 30 minutes, plus a specially BBC-commissioned 17-minute long epic ‘Monster Melody’ (first broadcast in September 2003, repeated February 2004)

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A. Fashion Parade feat. Noddy Holder

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B2. The Kids Are Radioactive

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Fashion Parade (Instrumental)

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