Follow Love


Released: 15 March 2003

single: SBEST10

Description & tracklisting

For the past few years, boxcar beatniks Boomclick have been riding rocky railroads from small and obscure acid house parties, to the wider fields of The Big Chill, Glastonbury and beyond, gaining a grand old following along the way.  After a wee break since their last single, Homegrown, on Sunday Best the red eyed, grinning three-headed monster of the leftfield are back with Follow Love.  Comprising one very tall bloke and two slightly shorter ones, South London’s Boomclick continue to sit on their own magnificent fence, somewhere between leftfield rock, Massive Attack and rude dancefloor beats and always dishing up the goods:  “So many people have music collections at home that have little relevance to the music they enjoy going out and dancing to… So many people *used* to go out dancing all the time – and although they’ve got tired of larging it every weekend, they’re not quite ready for pipe & slippers yet.  The aim is to bridge that gap, provide dance rhythms with a musical depth that allows the listener to connect with it more and more over time.” (Sam (shorter one) Boomclick)  After selling bags of Homegrown the ‘Click return with an earthshaking boom.  Follow Love oozes downtempo funk – all echo chambers and vocal serenity with vocals courtesy of Rosa, whose sumptuous tones are spurred on by whipcrack snares, a wash of strings and gurgling sub bass.    Rollo’s right hand man Marky comes up trumps with a righteous radio remix while drum & bass wunderkinds Blue SkinFollow Love on a different route for their remix – rattling through the back roads and winding alleys with their rugged drum and bass orchestral explosion.

A1. Follow Love (Original Mix)

A2. Follow Love (Marky Radio Mix)

B1. Follow Love (Blue Skin Mix)

B2. Moon Physics

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