Ganja feat. Rodney P

Dub Pistols

Released: 7 March 2010

single: SBEST82

Description & tracklisting

From an album that boasts stylings of soul, funk, hip-hop and pop among others, the Dub Pistols once again deliver a fine example of their extensive musical influences with their new single ‘Ganja’ feat Rodney P, available to download NOW.

Ganja? They’ve never touched the stuff guv!

And we’re sure their fans haven’t either (guv), but what they have done is set up aFacebook campaign to ‘break the stranglehold of contrived, manufactured pop and get some real, home-grown talent into the chart’ and garnered support from Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks and The Specials for their cause.

Taken from their 4th album ‘Rum & Coke’, the single is helmed by UK hip-hop legend Rodney P, who works his lyrics into an original blend of dub, hip-hop and reggae with a feel-good, laid-back groove.

With the legendary status that Barry, Jason and the boys have built up over the years, remixer’s were lining up to take this one for a spin, and we’re not disappointed. New producer on the scene Toby Toast proves his worth with a beautifully down-tempo electronic re-working, while Hip-hop legend Skitzhardens things up with added vocals from Deadly Hunter. Atomic Hooligan, 2 Bit Thugs and Ben and Lex represent the breaks contingent, delivering some equally leg-wobbling bass lines and beats. As always, the Sunday Best Remixproves a firm DJ favourite with a fresh cosmic disco edge.


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