Go Down / The Rider


Released: 16 May 2005

single: SBESTS24

Description & tracklisting

The two tracks on this 7″ give you a clear insight into Kompis’ musical manifesto – sublime electro infused pop, which gladdens your heart and sprinkles a little stardust on your dancing feet. Standing out like a gloriously sore thumb in a world of lame moody electro and sterile techno, Kompis offer an incredibly inviting third way. Angelic voices are supplied not only by Kompis themsleves, but by guest vocalist Markus Hasselblom on ‘Go Down’, who adds some real class to proceedings.

So there you have it – things could not look brighter for our longtime Swedish friends. And when this 7″, mini-album and their forthcoming UK live shows make them the household names it is their destiny to be, we will see you all at the 19th hole to celebrate.



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