Memorial (feat Emma-Lee Moss)

dan le sac

Released: 16 July 2012

single: SBEST113D

Description & tracklisting

An industrial trip-hop evocation of love as armed conflict, dan le sac’s new single Memorial features lead vocals from Emma-Lee Moss and is a dramatic electro opus inspired by Armistice day and sounding like Shirley Bassey Bond-theme remixed by Portishead.

dan le sac’s debut solo album Space Between The Words, written and produced by dan, includes collaborations with Emma-Lee Moss, Merz, Sarah Williams White, B Dolan, Joshua Idehen and Pete Hefferan. Fans of his long-standing partnership with Scroobius Pip, will see dan taking a sideways step from the percussive atmospherics that were the backdrop to Pip’s words on Top 40 albums ‘Angles’ (2008) and ‘The Logic of Chance’ (2010), as he embraces everything from electro-pop to psychedelia, all accompanied by an impressive array of vocal talent.


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