Michelle Plays Ping Pong

Daisy Daisy

Released: 17 April 2006

single: SBEST33

Description & tracklisting

Michelle plays ping pong. Lots of it. She could have been an Olympic Gold medalist but she prefers to keep out of the spotlight, hustling in the basement clubs and bars of Paris where she lives. Notoriously talented, she plays with men or women,  but none of them can survive her blistering forehand. By the time the game’s over, they are reduced to a panting sweaty mess.

Taking a break from his research into the DNA of perfect pop, Daisy Daisy leaves London for a weekend in Paris. A long time fan of underground ping pong he finds himself watching Michelle thrashing girl after girl in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The noise he hears spark an idea in his musical imagination. Racing back to his sonic laboratory, he mans the samplers and sets to work: ‘Michelle Plays Ping Pong’ is born.

Never too precious to let others have a hand in his creations, Daisy Daisy turns the track over to Vicarious Bliss and Cass & Mangan who both take Michelle by the hand and lead her onto the dancefloor. The result is two equally riotous, but wonderfully different interpretations.

A perfectly crafted homage to girls playing table tennis? Very possibly. Daisy Daisy is deadly serious about creating pop music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And if early reactions to this infectious creation is anything to go by, you can expect to hear many more musical emissions very soon.

Daisy Daisy, and his very talented friends at PAM, have also directed and produced a saucy video for the track. Check it and some MP3 edits of the mixes by clicking the links below (the video is at the very bottom in Quicktime & Windows media formats… Quicktime version is better).

A1. Original version

A2. Cass & Mangan Play Late mix

AA1. Vicarious Bliss Match Point mix

(also on download only - Cass & Mangan Play Early mix)

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