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Straight off the bat of a North American tour with indie pop outfit Mild High Club, JW Francis is back to releasing new music with ‘Our Story’. The new single follows the delightful ‘Make Another Record 2’ and ‘Sweet as a Rose’, which both received high amounts of praise and were included many playlist editorials. Accompanying the new single is a terrific video shot by the extremely talented Paris Peterson, in which JW features as a life size puppet.

‘Our Story’ is classic JW Francis; a catchy hook and tender lyrics coupled with his staple jangly guitar, and all delivered with his infectious enthusiasm which can’t help but bring a smile to your face. On top of that, an equally irresistible video has been released alongside and features JW Francis in puppet form jamming along to his latest feel good tune.

“I’m pretty blown away that this video exists” says Paris Peterson, who shot and directed the video, with the help of puppeteers Safi Nazzal and Kimmy Shields. “I initially heard of JW after my friend introduced me to his music sometime in the winter. I became a fan of the music and the man instantly, and felt compelled to reach out to see if he wanted to work on something together. I wrote him a letter of love, which had an idea for a music video. Something about his persona and style said “puppets” to me (I’m not sure where that came from). I wanted to create a set for it that was fun with a “DIY” look— something that puts you in a different world for a second.”

True to his word, the video does indeed take you into a different world – JW’s world to be precise and it couldn’t be more fun as Paris continues; “I really wanted this video to be an excuse to make something fun with people I love, and that’s exactly what we did.”


JW Francis will be playing new music on the road this summer as he prepares for a mini UK tour, including an already SOLD OUT date at Brixton’s iconic The Windmill, as well as many festival slots.


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