Pica Disco


Released: 10 November 2013

single: SBEST143DR

Description & tracklisting

Lazyboy are the dynamic duo of Rob da Bank and Dan Carey, a London based producer whose credits include work with Only Real, Childhood, Bat for Lashes, Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue.

Each endowed with their own unique sound, their meeting of minds has produced Pica Disco – a cornucopia blissful Krautrock-inflected funk distilled over four minutes of an iridescent, irresistible dance beat. Shimmering with hints of Nordic space disco and compelling melody, Lazyboy display a kinship with the effervescent fluidity found in the music of Studio and Lindstrom, but stake out a territory that is entirely their own.

Pica Disco is intertwined with descending guitar lines and a new age of syncopated bass, making simple chord progressions into deeply complex ideas. Mysterious dub echo is populated by glistening synthesisers and glittering guitar, for a track that is as enjoyable as it is versatile.

In between running festivals, doing radio shows and bouts of washing up and changing nappies I get in the studio with my mate Mr Dan and make tunes as Lazyboy. We made the original of Pica Disco a few years back but never released it. Lots of DJs kept asking for a copy so thought we’d get some mates to remix it and unleash it on the world.” Rob da Bank

Featuring remixes from Panda, TYTHE, Boxed In and Mojo Filter, each re-interpret Pica Disco’s easy grooves in their distinct styles, whilst preserving its languorous groove. Although the summer may be over, Lazyboy relive it’s most potent memories to keep you dreaming of the next one.

Pica Disco

Pica Disco (Panda Remix)

Pica Disco (TYTHE Remix)

Pica Disco (Boxed In Remix)

Pica Disco (Mojo Filter Remix)


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