Playing In The Distance

Grand National

Released: 29 August 2005

album: SBEST/S26

Description & tracklisting

Boy oh boy have our remix & and art departments excelled themselves this time!!!  This, the last single to be taken from Grand National‘s critically acclaimed debut album Kicking The National Habit, comes out on Monday 29 August on limited edition 7″ and 12″ in exquisite packaging.

The 12″ features The Glimmers’ epic 8 minute ‘Glimmmix’ of Playing In The Distance and Sasha‘s stunning mix of Talk Amongst Yourselves (the opening track of his Involver album from last year available for the 1st time on vinyl!).

The 7″ features an Eliot James edit of Playing In The Distance that gives a subtle new slant to the album favourite and a new B-side called Your Rules Obey.

Your record collection will be incomplete without them!


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