Description & tracklisting

Alice Jemima releases her fourth single from the up-coming album, ‘Everything’s Changing’, due for release next year.

“At first, ‘Somebody’ started off as a sort of experimental track with different drum sounds, bongos and a house kick! After playing around a bit in production we gradually found the right sound for this track – and it still maintains that experimental vibe I set out to create in the first place. ’Somebody’ is a bit different to what I normally release, I included elements of house and dance and I also feel the sound pays homage to the pop and r&b I grew up listening to.

The track itself centres around that fear of ‘missing out’ (FOMO!) but particularly the fear of missing out on being close to somebody you really care about. The repetition of your daily routine gets in the way and can be hard to break from – and actually stepping out of that routine can be a scary thought! Ultimately the track is about wanting to let go…”


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