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The near-mythical German acid house pioneer emerges from 30 years in the wilderness; most fans thought he was dead, but he most certainly is not. After his mysterious disappearance, Blatter appeared at Glastonbury festival this year, released his first “official” single, ‘(I Find Myself Surrounded By) The Lunatics Of Acid House’, (his early works were all destroyed in a fire at his recording studio), and he now brings you a superb remix of the next single, which was produced by his long-term production partner Novak Spormento, with additional input from house music pioneer Danny Rampling. The first remix of ‘Space Girl’ comes from none other than the legendary US house god, Todd Terry!


Despite having his legacy virtually destroyed overnight, Blatter’s energy is still evident —something good came of his hiatus in the wild. ‘Space Girl’ is laden with his distinct German voice, “Having good times at the acid house raves” repeats before the drops and Todd has expertly chopped them over an outer-worldly acid house bassline, a FAT 909 drum groove and some sprinklings of ambient synth effects too. This is certified to take the roof off the warehouse and send the dancers into the far reaches of the cosmos.

1. Space Girl (Todd Terry Mix)

2. Space Girl (ITHURTZ Mix)

3. Space Girl (Instrumental)

4. Space Girl (Edit)

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