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Xylaroo have taken some much needed time off but they are now back with a new twist on their signature sound. ‘Stranger Than Love’ signals a change of direction for the band, drawing on the personal and professional experiences of the past few years. They have managed to retain the depth and warmth of their sisterly harmonies but have laid them over a more developed sound, a conscious decision having spent a lot of time listening to varied genres over the last 2 years.

‘Stranger Than Love’ was a song I wrote a while back coming out of a breakup. To be honest we didn’t really know what to do with it and the song has evolved a lot of the time we’ve worked on it. We’re not sure ourselves where the new music will take us but we’re excited to be working and recording again. The tour with Frank is another great chance for us to get out and share our music with new people but also an opportunity to see some familiar faces again. We’ve been to a lot of those places before and we can’t wait to be back!’ – Coco Chant


‘Stranger Than Love’ is the first step in a new journey for the band. One that will also see them open another European tour, this time with Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. Whether it’s travelling the globe in their youth, their heavy touring schedule through their debut album or the beginning of this new musical path, these sisters are an ever rolling stone. Sourcing inspiration from all their shared and individual experiences, they always manage to build something beautiful.

1. Stranger Than Love


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