Talk Amongst Yourselves

Grand National

Released: 19 April 2004

single: SBEST11

Description & tracklisting

“Grand National reek of pungent originality” – i-D

“The first British band since the Mondays with a gift for great is exciting news” – Dazed & Confused

“They take the spirit of post-punk, experimental bands like Pil and Talk Talk, and filter it through dance music to come up with refreshingly original pop sounds” – The Guardian

Every so often a group comes along that restores your faith in the British music scene. Grand National are that group. They are a duo about to release some of the best experimental pop songs this country has produced for, oh, too long.

So who are the mysterious boys behind this intoxicating noise? Step forward Rupert Lyddon and Lawrence ‘La’ Rudd, two young Londoners with a bulging record collection of quirksome pop ranging from Can to Joe Jackson and an ear for an old-fashioned hummable tune who have come to rescue us from karaoke pabulum and prefab retro garage rock. To add a little fresh lustre to our lives with their thrillingly strange yet simply compelling melodies.

Having caused a stir with their eponymous first EP at the end of 2003, they are set to release their first single. Taken from the debut album (Kicking The National Habit),¬†Talk Amongst Yourselves¬†has deep harmonies, an electronic synth line, and choppy rhythm guitar that is pure Bernard Sumner via Nile Rodgers of Chic. “It’s about getting over depression,” explains Rupert. “No, it’s about puking up in a toilet after going motorcross riding in Kings Cross,” contradicts his partner.

Either way it’s a gorgeous coda to what will undoubtedly be regarded, in 12 months’ time, as one of the key recordings of 2004. Just grand.

1. Talk Amongst Yourselves

2. Leaves

3. Rub Your Potion


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