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Continuing their cinematic, textural, genre-bending work Plastic Mermaids are back presenting their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’ in a reimagined way. The first single of the up-coming remixed album  is AK/DK’s unique take on Taxonomy; transforming the spaced out original into a euphoric culmination of disco, electro and synth pop splendour.

“Even when artists say they they’ve discovered who they are on their latest record, it doesn’t really work that way. You never stop striving to discover more about yourself – that’s just being human; and it’s something that two-headed electronic rock party outfit AK/DK understand.

The two-piece have always loved the motorik of the 70’s like Kraftwerk and Can, bands that revelled in the journey as much as the destination. They also describe themselves as “like a chunkier Devo” – and, yes, there’s a warmth to the textures of their music from the modular synths and other self-built pedals in their set up, while there’s a driving rhythmic constancy too.”


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