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Northern powerhouse Elliot Adamson is churning out club bangers like an animal. Today delivering his latest remixes of the mythical acid-house legend Klaus Blatter’s third single, ‘Ball Bearing Factory’, a dirty, low-down chugger primed with his synonymous 303 acid work and enormous club beats. One remix wasn’t enough for the Newcastle based DJ/producer, offering two spellbinding reworkings of the Dortmund club veteran’s original. 

 So my parents are old school ravers, that’s what they tell me at after-parties anyway. Growing up I’d hear tales of hedonism, The Havana, Hacienda, etc mixed amongst my stepdads evident hard on for Sasha and my grandparents discussing death. Like most teenagers I did the complete opposite of what my parents did; took up the bible, pilates class and eat pure loads of celery – evidently. 

 When the opportunity to remix Klaus Blatter arrived I thought to myself you know ‘I’ve heard of that guy’, and jumped at the opportunity to present his works in a more clean-cut, well behaved, zen-like manner – something for the kids to listen to. Space Girl for me really was too much of a racket and not really the kind of thing you could play in church, so I sorted that one right out. Load of fun actually – my Pilates teacher loves it. My take on Ball Bearing Factory was supposed to be a 26 minute long ambient cut but my machines malfunctioned upon printing it. Klaus emailed me acknowledging that I must’ve had a malfunction with my machines but we decided to roll with it anyway as I had to make it out the house for the bowling league at 4 – still sitting at the bottom, thank you very much.” 

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