The Way


Released: 9 June 2013

single: SBEST131D

Description & tracklisting

What do you do if you’re a powerhouse percussionist in a Brazilian heavy metal band that’s sold in excess of ten million records and you decide you want to explore new musical possibilities? If you’re Igor Cavalera, you up your sticks from the Sepultura drum stool, form a band called Mixhell with your DJ wife (Laima Leyton) and long time friend and fellow producer (Max Blum) and set about making hypnotic, manically driven electronic music.

With Igor in particular being no stranger at all to vast crowds, the trio played their debut show as Mixhell in front of 5000 people at Lollapalooza in Brazil.

‘The Way’ is taken from the trio’s debut album ‘Spaces’ which is available now. The track is brimming with irresistible, rubberised basslines, wayward Moroder-esque analogue synths, features Deidre Muro on vocals and LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope providing instrumentation. The band have also enlisted an all-star cast to re-envisage ‘The Way’ including Riva Starr, Sinden, Etnik and Baskerville that will undoubtedly take clubland by storm this summer.


The Way

The Way (Riva Starr Remix)

The Way (Baskerville Remix)

The Way (Etnik Remix)

The Way (Sinden Remix)


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