Two Wooden Spoons

Various Artists

Released: 31 July 2006

single: SBESTS37

Description & tracklisting

One of the standout tracks on our Folk Off compilation get its very own limited edition release on 7″ and download to kick start our collectable ‘A Sunday Best Seven’ series with jaw-dropping beauty.


Sit back and think of autumn leaves. Imagine woolly hats, countryside cottages and walks by the river. It’s nice, isn’t it? Well take that feeling and multiply it by ten – for this summer the folk revival is set to go off the meter with the debut single from Kate Stables, aka This Is the Kit.

Taken from the new Sunday Best compilation – Folk Off! (July 17) – Two Wooden Spoons / Come A Cropper is timeless in the very best sense of the word, and finds Kate playing to her strengths in a delicate, intimate fashion.

Kate grew up in a musical family in Winchester, and since then has travelled and performed everywhere from Bristol to Paris, soaking up inspiration like a sponge. Playing everything from the banjo to the trumpet, Kate was too special to go un-noticed, and she soon found herself performing live sessions on Radio One, as well as on London’s Resonance FM.

Keeping with the family tradition, This Is The Kit also features occasional vocals from Kate’s twin sister Emily, as well as the wonderful percussive experiments of Jesse D. Vernon from Morningstar. Kate is currently residing in Paris, where she is working on her new album.

Famous Mary, Bob Dylan, Jonathan Richman, Hurdy Gurdies, Ma and Pa

This Is the Kit are:
Kate Stables- stringed instruments and vocals
Jesse D. Vernon- buckets and percussion
Emily Stables- backing vocals

7" & Download

A. Two Wooden Spoons

B. Come a Cropper

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