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“An enveloping phosphorescence pulls you into the setting…Up Tomorrow does not lend itself to stigma.”- Under the Radar

“Up Tomorrow sounds almost like an offcut from Jeff Buckley’s Grace, the multi-tracked vocal accompanied by birdsong and electronics.” – The Guardian

“Up Tomorrow is a piece of sun–dappled pastoral prog.” – Uncut

When Lewes-raised newcomer Laucan began singing in falsetto after the break-up of an old band, he had his reasons. “I didn’t want anyone hearing my songs through the door of my room,” recalls Laurence Galpin, the 27-year-old behind the Laucan (pronunciation: Lor-can) moniker. Thankfully, his new found readiness to be heard doesn’t come at any cost to his distinct voice on his debut EP, Up Tomorrow. Between its impressionist lyrical images, spectral folk beauty and enveloping soundscapes, Up Tomorrow is a gorgeous, glowing introduction to a singer who found something special in his attic-based isolation.

1. Up Tomorrow

2. Where I Should Be


4. Tectonic Plates


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