Where Does Ur Mind Go?


Released: 14 March 2011

single: SBEST97

Description & tracklisting

It has finally arrived, the debut release of Where Does Ur Mind Go? on March 14th by Beardyman.  It marks the transition from performing artist to recording artist after becoming a marquee signing for superstar DJ, festival king and uber-successful clubland groover Rob da Bank and his label Sunday Best Recordings.

Whilst Beardyman might be known only for his beatboxing exploits, he is far from just another beatboxer. He is a musician with superhuman-like abilities and his voice is his superpower and his instrument. His sets boast dazzling variety, changes in beat-fuelled freakouts, a unique approach to a wide array of genres and a vivacious sense of humor – all of which set him apart from his peers and establishes him as being far more than a novelty jaw warmer. A genius savant would be a better way of looking at him.

The debut single Where Does Ur Mind Go? from the forthcoming album I Done A Album which is out March 21st, is a warped and unusual electro-ballad showing Beardyman as an artist capable of delivering songs with lyrics as twisted and introverted as Nine Inch Nails & Sonic Youth whilst being truly unique in sound and production style, echoing French house but being somehow closer to Chemical Brothers meets T-Rex. Chilled, yet tense, it worms its way in and out of balladry and build-up, finally settling on banging gutter-strut electro-tear-out before disappearing into atmospherics again leaving the listener disorientated but invigorated. As Beardyman himself puts it, I have some form of musical ADD. But everything’s beat driven and nothing’s out of bounds. My album is all about taking people on a journey, and making it entertaining enough for everyone to willingly come with me – wherever it takes them, wherever it goes…”.


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