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New York’s self-styled ‘lofi jangle dream slacker bedroom pop’ artist JW Francis shares new single ‘Going Home To A Party’  – the latest preview of brand new album Dream House set for release January 27th.

‘Going Home To A Party’ is an infectious indie-pop jammer – skittish drums and impatient guitars roll through the entire track, whilst JW’s vocals and keyboards intermittently command the limelight. He juxtaposes slowly chanted mantras in the verses against quick fire affirmations in the chorus, delivering trademark good vibes throughout.

It also leans on a lot of pop-cultural touchstones both sonically and visually, which the winking self-referential video digs into – as JW explains:

“Going Home to a Party is a song that has a lot of references in it. The beat for example is a sped up version of the beat from The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys. Similarly I wanted the video to have a lot of references related to how people perceive me. I’ve been compared to all three of the main characters in the video: Steve from Blues Clues, Mr. Rodgers, and Bob Ross. It’s always joked that these three pillars of wholesomeness have a dark side so I wanted to bring that dark side to life and portray them cartoonishly getting into hijinks. Like all of my videos though, goodness wins in the end.”


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