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Liverpool’s acclaimed sensual existentialist Brad stank today announces the release of his resolutely romantic new album In The Midst of You set for release on January 26th. He launches the album alongside the quintessentially Brad ‘Natty Wine’ and its accompanying video.

The new single ‘Natty Wine’ neatly encapsulates the many charms that emerge throughout the album. With Brad backed by soulful female vocal harmonies, the song’s jazzy psychedelia possesses a touch of twanging Americana, its warm and vibrant live instrumentation making for a song as relaxed as a Sunday afternoon in the sun. It’s also notable for featuring Brad’s favourite percussive instrument deep in the mix: a wooden frog.

He adds, “This is a tongue-in-cheek song I wrote after being gifted a bottle of natural wine by a friend. I’m a working class boy who would much rather drink shitty lager at a party, like Stella or Holsten Pils. I’ve got no right to be writing a song about natty wine but I was feeling bougie. It’s a love song in disguise, I liked the imagery of lyrics like, ‘Your sweet loving just keeps dripping from the vine.’”

The video for ‘Natty Wine’ was shot in the dramatic landscapes of Birling Gap in East Sussex with a cast of fantastical characters who habit the video’s gently surreal and dream-like scenes. Created by Brad’s long-time collaborators La De La Studio (Kieran Rid & Corey Rid), who are at the helm on all the visual aspects of the album campaign, ‘Natty Wine’ is the starting place for Brad’s aesthetic through the campaign.

“With a nod to the folklore tales of the past, the video employs key narrators in the form of fantastical characters that seek to punctuate Brad’s dreamy lyricism,” explain La De La Studio on the creation of the video. “In particular the ‘candle’ figure who introduces the tale, a watchful figure who stands still and serene against the ever moving tide. Our aim was to invite the viewer to delve deeper into Brad’s subconscious. A projection of pure fantasy and escapism.

“The contrast between the permanence of the landscape and the fragility of the DIY-style man made props highlights the transient feelings of love and lust spoken through the song’s lyrics. For this shoot we collaborated with a brilliant team of people and a four legged friend in the salty winds of the South Coast. It is a film we’re very pleased to have created, and hope it gives fans an intriguing glimpse into the mystique of Brad stank.”

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