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Following the release last month of Kitty Liv’s ‘Keep Your Head Up High’ single and the announcement of her debut solo album, today Sunday Best release new single ‘Neck On The Line’.

‘Neck On The Line’ was the song that sparked the birth of a new batch of songwriting that went on to become Kitty’s forthcoming album, ‘Easy Tiger’ (out 26 July).

The song is about the sense of frustration Kitty felt as she was entering a new relationship, due to the fact her new partner couldn’t make up their mind whether to ‘go for it’ or not and wanting to keep their relationship secret from people. Feeling she was putting her ‘neck on the line’ gave the song its title and the repetitiveness of the title in the chorus reflects that sense of frustration.

A favourite of Kitty’s to play live, the song’s bounciness and rhythm is one of her forthcoming album’s most infectious moments.

Better known as one third of the successful and acclaimed family band, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Kitty has been developing her ideas over several years, working on songs which mark a completely different direction for her. As a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Kitty is resonating with a more expansive set of her influences, from Erykah Badu and D’Angelo to Al Green and blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, to produce a body of personal songs that evoke the primal depths of Soul, Gospel blues & Rock and Roll.

The resulting album, ‘Easy Tiger, is unleashed July 26. Consisting of 10 tracks, it was written, re-written and recorded over a five-year period and, by no coincidence, coincided with the beginning, middle and difficult end of the biggest long-term relationship of her adult life.

Easy Tiger is available to pre order here.


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