Police Dogs Bonfire


Released: 13 June 2005

single: SBEST25

Description & tracklisting


Lazyboy put the cherry on top of what was a fantastic 2004 for Sunday Best with the sublime slackers’ anthem ‘Police Dogs Bonfire’. Jam packed with more hooks than a butcher’s shop, ‘Police Dogs Bonfire’ was one of the highlights from Rob da Bank and Dan Carey’s Penguin Rock album, and brought us all some much needed warmth in the dark depths of winter.

We now have a new remix to shout about, available on a limited one-sided 12″.  It comes courtesy of the Seadevils as a timely reminder to all that a Police Dogs Bonfire is not just for Christmas. Seadevils is an awesome collaboration between the unshakable production talents of Radio Slave and Cagedbaby, and their combined powers provide a monstrous reworking of this enduring Lazyboy masterpiece.

Having first worked together for the remix of another Lazyboy gem, Western Skies, the duo have since gone on to stamp their mark on acts as diverse as Laidback – Copenhagen’s oldest and finest dance act, and the highly acclaimed Nora Jones (albeit in illicit fashion). The Seadevils were also behind that infamous Rock’n’Roll cover of Alter Ego’s Rocker, and with the first single of their own on the way promising to surprise people, Seadevils’ prominence is set to grow further.


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