Bones Of My Bones

Ebony Bones

Released: 2 November 2009

album: SBESTCD33

Description & tracklisting

Ebony Bones’s debut album Bone of My Bones is OUT NOW on CD and digital download…

It’s a multicoloured, lyrically sharp album with world-wide influences that take in hip-hop, punk, electro, dance and pop.

Much more than the sum of its influences though, this is a record made by someone not only musically but culturally aware. Ebony is unafraid to tackle race (‘Story of St.ockwell’), international politics (‘In G.O.D. We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs)’) and government surveillance (‘We Know All About U’). And she dives into ex-lovers with venom and wit on ‘Smiles & Cyanide’ and ‘Guess We’ll Always Have NY’.

1. W.A.R.R.I.O.R.

2. We Know All About U

3. Story Of St.ockwell

4. The Muzik

5. In G.O.D. We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs)

6. Bone of My Bones

7. Guess We'll Always Have NY

8. Im Ur Future X Wife

9. Smiles & Cyanide

10. When It Rains

11. Don't Fart On My Heart

12. Ready When U R (iTunes exclusive)

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