Open Hearts

The Hat

Released: 28 May 2007

single: SBESTS46

Description & tracklisting

The next instalment in our ‘A Sunday Best Seven’ series comes from Brighton’s incredibly talented The Hat. Sounding like Tom Waits reading Roald Dahl over a soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman… played by the Beastie Boys, they could very well turn out to be the best thing you have ever heard.

Of a million different things to say about The Hat, it is decidedly tough to settle on a concise way to introduce them. Less a band, more a concoction of incredibly talented individual musicians, combining to make something that sounds as close to pure brilliance as is possible from only four people.

Bewildering raconteurs, the Brighton-based quartet approach their music from an interesting and innovative angle.  Scoring intricate soundtracks to each of their twisted tales, taking the listener on journeys through worlds where animals are in charge, plants scream when cut and new loves are found at the drop of a bat.  “I suppose you could call it rhythmical storytelling”, explains founding member Dan.”We try and reflect on the light and dark shades of life with humour and energy, but everything is always based around a narrative.”

The next stage in The Hat’s tale is the release of their first recorded work, out on Sunday Best later this year and funded with their winnings from a south coast talent contest, “they actually presented us with one of those giant cheques, like you see on telly!” Dave laughs.  All of the sounds that you hear on the 7″ are made from either an acoustic instrument (other than the electrified guitar) or from a voice (and all four of them sing) and what you hear is exactly what they do live.

Making mini-musical movies for the mind, ears and soul, The Hat are simply one of the freshest bands around, fact.

7" Vinyl & Download

A. Open Hearts

B. 3am (Drunken Lullaby)

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