Together In Electric Dreams

Various Artists

Released: 19 November 2007

ep: SBEST53

Description & tracklisting

A fantastic homage to one of the 80s best pop songs” Update Mag – 5 out of 5

The original version of ‘Together In Electric Dreams’, penned and produced in 1984 by Phil Oakey of the Human League and seminal electro producer Giorgio Moroder, is a bone fide Balearic classic.  It has also been an end-of-night hands-in-the-air big-cheesy-smile Sunday Best party classic since Rob da Bank kick-started his mini-empire as a weekly Sunday anything-goes club night in south London in 1995.  12 years on it just seemed so very right to dust it off and give it a new lease of life!

Anyone growing up in the eighties will have this song imprinted in their ears from lost afternoons on Radio 1 when you should have been doing your homework… and I know some people will beg to differ but it’s still an excellent pop song that never fails to get a euphoric, if guilty reaction when dropped at the right time!”  Rob da Bank

Sunday Best presents their homage to this classic anthem in the form of 5 unique interpretations:

Kish Mauve are thus far best known for their debut EP and ‘Modern Love’ single, both released by Sunday Best, but they are all set to hit the big time with ‘Two Hearts’ – a hook-laden song they wrote and produced for a certain Kylie Minogue and which will be all over a radio near you any day now.  On their interpretation of ‘Together…’, producer Jim Eliot’s emotive, electronic-steeped production bubbles and soars, guitarist James Sedwards lends the track a few rock chords while Mima’s vocals prowl over the melodies with feline grace.

Le Vicarious Bliss Pop Experience featuring Headbangirl is an improbable collaboration between Vicarious Bliss from Paris’ Ed Banger stable & Headbangirl (AKA Nadege Winter) from the Colette Dance Class… and a 1974 drum machine that Andy Vicarious picked up at local jumble sale.  They united in the quest to make music that they can listen to whilst eating candy and doing silly dances and, with their version of ‘Together…’, they have surely achieved that… with sugar-coated marshmallow-filled chocolate bells on!

Daisy Daisy released the psychedelic electro delight ‘Michelle Plays Ping Pong’ on Sunday Best last year. The record sold out within a few weeks and won fans across the board.  The mysterious Daisy Daisy returns now with this dark brooding beauty featuring the computerised vocals of Ted Manzie.

Subway are veritable Sunday Best veterans having released numerous singles and their brilliant ‘Empty Head’ album for the label over the years.  They have also released records on Nuphonic, Soul Jazz and their own Three Tone Records in their time and built up a healthy following along the way.  Here they unleash their purely electronic take on the subject matter and do so with dazzling effect.

Lali Puna‘s version was the only one not commissioned specifically for this project. It first appeared on March Records’ Human League tribute album ‘Reproductions’ in 2003… but we loved it so much we just had to include it here. The Lali Puna sound is a sophisticated, complex mélange of classic pop motifs, pulsing electronic rhythms, and sleek European styling… and is the perfect way to close off this EP.

12" & Digital

A1. Kish Mauve

A2. Le Vicarious Bliss Pop Experience featuring Headbangirl

A3. Daisy Daisy

AA1. Subway

AA2. Lali Puna

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