Plastic Mermaids are a five-piece band from the Isle of Wight who, after building their own analogue studio, have self-produced one of the most genuinely original and sonically adventurous debut albums you’ll hear all year: ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’.

They are brothers Jamie and Douglas Richards, who collaborate on vocals, synths and samples, along with guitarist Chris Newnham, bassist Tom Farren and drummer Chris Jones.

In terms of musical influences, fans of The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, Sparklehorse and Tame Impala will all find something to love in Plastic Mermaids’ richly-textured sound. The Flaming Lips’ influence is also evident in their ecstactic live show.

With two incredible singles released under the label, their much anticipated debut album, Suddenly Everyone Explodes, will be released on the 24th May; mixing piano ballads with soaring strings with electronic beats with delicate vocals, with the end result a crashing, swirling ethereal soundscape of beautiful and unique melodies. Pre-Order the album above!



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