Description & tracklisting

Today, Brad stank shares the latest in the string of singles leading up to his brand new LP, In The
Midst Of You.

Opting for a slightly more sincere destination, stank’s new song, “I Belong To You” is an ode to love and vulnerability— complete with a sultry, lush instrumental, and of course, stank’s signature drawl.

When asked about the track’s origins, stank called it,”A short but sweet song influenced heavily by
the Love Unlimited band. Rhythmically kinda awkward and drunken, expressing how it can feel
sometimes to be vulnerable to somebody. The title is pretty Gospel-esque but lyrically quite
romantic, towing that line again. Lydia Kitto on the gorgeous backing vocals. Really doubling down on the romantic vibes here, and one of my favourite songs on the record.”

“I Belong To You” is fourth single off of the new LP, trailing, “Natty Wine,” “Flicker On,” and
“Long Distance.”


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